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New Construction Homes in Bradley County

The Hammond Bros are working on two big projects this fall (2021). You may have missed seeing their iconic trailer traipsing through downtown Chattanooga, and that’s because it's been parked in the country working on two new homes, both currently under contract.

New construction home located in the Autumn Wind neighborhood in South Bradley County. Photos by Creative Revolver.

Tucked in the rolling hills of South Bradley County, the Autumn Wind neighborhood is a street with a lot of elbow room — each lot clocking in at about an acre. It is truly spectacular. Both David and Jonathan live in the country themselves, and they are excited to build homes in a neighborhood that feels both neighborly and rural.

An aerial view of the new construction home built by Hammond Bros. Video by Calvin Cofield.

“We’re having a blast,” says David Hammond, co-founder of Hammond Bros. “My brother Jonathan and I have both been part of large projects in our past careers, but this is a chance to work on a large scale project together. It’s going well, and it’s been life-giving.”

The brothers agree that they always want to work on projects they love and are proud of. These homes are no exception.

Back view of new home in Bradley County. Both new homes are under contract with Daniel Staub of Ferro and Staub.

Both homes are around 3000 square feet, but their aesthetics are different. One home features a modern farmhouse vibe, similar to their home featured in CityScope magazine. The other home is more country classic. Both homes will have the Hammond Bros signature touches, and the brothers are working with the buyers to include some of their own personal preferences as well.

Asked if they are shifting focus away from the big remodels in Chattanooga, Jonathan Hammond, co-founder of Hammond Bros, said absolutely not. “We still love our old historic homes downtown,” he says. “But it’s nice to be building from the ground up.”

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